Mountain air - Terms of use

Type of service
This service is completely free.

Purpose Mountain air is a web application for creating surveys (questionnaires, polls, examinations, researches, quizzes, tests).

Content The contents of all surveys (questionnaires, polls, exams, tests, researches, quizzes) must be fully consistent with Internet law. Respect copyrights. Use only your own text, images, audio and video content and/or those for which you have permission from the author. Adult contents are not allowed. Violation of these terms gives us the right to terminate this service.
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A very large data sets
Our primary purpose is to provide free service to a large number of small users. We do not offer any commercial services (eg. Premium members). If you need a very large number of surveys (users, records) consider switching to one of the commercial web applications of this type. We tolerate very large data sets as long as this does not endanger the normal work of other users. In this case, we reserve the right to restrict and/or discontinue this service.

The storage time of your data
Please do yourself delete data that you do not need more in the Control Panel (Dashboard). You must be aware that your data (surveys, surveys, questionnaires) are stored on a free public server. Immediately after completing your surveys, download the data from this application. Do not leave your data for a longer period of time within the Mountain Air application because we can not guarantee how long your data will be stored on the server.

End of service
Each user can easily inside the Control Panel discontinue this service. User is obliged to follow notice of any changes, and the lifetime of this service from our side. All information will be available in the Control Panel.

Detailed terms of use can be found here:
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