Free creation of web surveys
Ceria Merlone Alpi Giulie /Julian Alps/
HTML 5.0 support
Backward compatibility to HTML 4.01
Tamar valley (below) and Travnik (right)
With or without JavaScript
Val Resia Julian Alps
Multiple Forms Interaction
Using AJAX or not
UTF-8 (using International Characters)
Validators for numbers and entered text
Julian Alps
A significant number of templates
Built-in tools to copy items and entire surveys
Jôf di Montasio /Montaž/ 2753m from Zabus
10 basic types of items with many versions
Western Julian Alps
Around 30 different settings per survey
Hohe Tauern
Items with one or more choices. Required items
Gößnitztal Schobergruppe Hohe Tauern
Working with images
Val Resia /Resije in resiano, Rezija in sloveno, Rèsie in friulano/
Working with multimedia (video, audio)
Who are you?
Ranking of choice within the same item (ranks)
Background monitoring display times of items
Built-in timers
Statistics for items (charts, tables)
Export data to Excel, HTML formats
Gößnitztal Schobergruppe Hohe Tauern
Web forms that are used for data entry
Julian Alps /Julijske Alpe, Alpi Giulie/
Starting surveys within your website
Med Babam, Mucul is below Julian Alps
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See our demo gallery
Julian Alps /Julijske Alpe, Alpi Giulie/
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